Blessed Sacrament Music, Drama, & Choirs

Salvete to 3rd Grade!  What a year of fun!  We start our year learning about the traditional music of the Catholic Church, but in a non-traditional manner!  Gregorian chant with a twist!  Check this site out for updates on what we are learning through the pigs of Santo Demoinko de Silo!  Tibi gratias ago!

In addition to Gregorian Chant, 3rd grade learns, as part of an inter-disciplinary unit on The Pioneers, songs, instruments, history and dances from the American pioneers along the Oregon Trail.  They will thrill you with their performance in January of the Third Grade’s “Pioneer Days!”

Occasion3rd Grade “Pioneer Days” – PLEASE COME AND ENJOY!!!

Date: Tuesday of Catholic Schools Week – January 30, 2018 shortly following the Home & School Open House Assembly – see below

What to wear: the children wear their PIONEER DAYS outfits all day – COMMUNICATION will be sent to parents twice (two weeks in a row in January 2018) explaining what to wear.

Time: 9:30-10:15am (parent/grandparent performance), 2:15-3:00pm (school performance)

Location: School Auditorium

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