Blessed Sacrament Music, Drama, & Choirs

Welcome to 2nd Grade!  We begin our school year reviewing music theory learned last year, and then start in on “The Magnificent 7!”  We learn major theme songs composed by each of these amazing composers, and some history about them.  For instance, our students will be able to tell you that Johann Sebastian Baaaach once walked 200 miles to listen to a famous organist (Dietrich Buxtehude) play!  And that Haydn had two nick names (“Papa Haydn” and “the Father of the Symphony”).  Haydn split the orchestra into 4 parts – strings, winds, brass AND percussion!  Mozart’s song was a VERY popular dance as well – the minuet!  Watch this space for updates on what we are focusing on, and then just ask them about each composer – they can tell you a lot!

Why have “The Nutcracker Suite” in in the spring?  Why not?  There are Christmas in August sing-a-longs.  There are Christmas in July celebrations elsewhere, sooooo… Mrs. Forcey thought it would be fun,  AND a method of giving students an opportunity to get excited about an art form that usually doesn’t get much hype in schools – ballet.  And it is the amazing work of the last of our seven composers, Tchaikovsky!

Occasion2nd Grade “The Nutcracker Suite”
DATE: Friday, Week of the Arts – Friday, March 23, 2018
8:30am Prayer Service
8:50am(ish) 4th Grade “Recorder Karate”
9:00am(ish) 2nd Grade “The Nutcracker Suite”
9:30am Anticipated conclusion of performance & pictures
Girls – white tights worn by all girls – please wear to school
Boys – school uniform for the day
Costumes will be brought to classrooms by Mrs. Forcey for all to wear!

***We finish this wonderful performance with a group picture taken by Mrs. Forcey and LOTS of others taken by YOU!

Location: School Gym