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“Highyaaaa!”  The focus in 4th Grade is “Recorder Karate.”  Students continue to expand their knowledge base in music theory and notation while learning how to play a number of songs on the recorder.  The recorder is an invaluable instrument for improving all aspects of musicality.  My job isn’t always about “teaching a lesson”, but more about helping children LOVE music.  Learning these songs, getting them right, and earning their belts is fun not only for me, but mainly for our students.  If you could see their faces light up when they get to tie their belt on after the success of learning their song – it’s just wonderful!

Occasion:  4th Grade “Recorder Karate”

What to wear: the children wear their school uniforms

Week of the Arts Performance Date: Friday, of Week of the Arts – Friday, MARCH 23, 2018

Time: 8:30am Prayer Service, followed by “Recorder Karate”, with 4th grade anticipated being finished @ 9:00am  It is suggested that you arrive close to 8:30am (to be able to get seated before we start)
The Prayer Service will start at 8:30am, followed by “Recorder Karate”, THEN our wonderful “The Nutcracker” –
the anticipated start time for The Nutcracker is @ 9:00am, and finished @ 9:30am (if you wish to stay)
***We finish this wonderful performance with a group picture taken by Mrs. Forcey

Location: School Gym

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