Blessed Sacrament Music, Drama, & Choirs

The Blessed Sacrament Youth Cantors was founded by Mrs. Forcey in September of 2000.  The group was started with a mere two teens in 8th Grade who agreed to train to sing for school liturgies.  The following year saw the creation of the “BS Cantors-in-Training” who audition early in the fall to train for the remainder of the school year with Mrs. Forcey.  In order to be an 8th grade BS Youth Cantor, students must participate in the Cantors-in-Training program during 7th grade year, as well as being a member of the Children’s Choir in 6th & 7th grades.  The group meets each Wednesday during lunchtime (they bring their lunch to Music Room, eat and learn) to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become the elite BS Youth Cantors!  They audition in the fall of 7th Grade and again at the beginning of 8th Grade (to assess vocal changes, if any, and to determine voice parts for the group).

Come and have fun while learning more about working together as a cohesive singing team!


  • The Cantors-in-Training for 7th graders are a part of the BS Children’s Choir.
  • Students participating as Cantors-in-Training will receive sign-up forms for the BS Children’s Choir (see Children’s Choir page for all information) so that they have the opportunity to use their voices in anticipation of being the leaders of song next year as the 8th Grade BS Youth Cantors – just as muscles need to be used for any sports success, vocal chords need use in order to succeed!
  • Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Forcey for clarification

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